HELL BEAST: THE ASCENSIONFrom Fabrication Films comes HELL BEAST: THE ASCENSION, Written and directed by Robert Stock and produced by Antonio Saillant, THE ASCENSION follows:

An explorer at the turn of the century who mistakenly opens a portal that unearths a deadly creature, the Hell Beast. While dormant for years, gathering its strength, the beast has now set out on a plan of world domination. It's first act is to create a wave of mass-suicides in the nearby town. Intrepid reporter Carl Kolchinski is investigating the suicides and comes upon the horrific truth about the monster. Now with the help of some survivors and a few choice weapons, they must battle the beast and its minions to send them back into the portal from which they came. The whole world depends on it.




HeterosexualsJ. ROBERT SPENCER is a Tony Award Nominated Actor, Independent Film Director, Producer, and Writer:  Executive Producer/Producer of the Independent Feature titled HETEROSEXUALS. This film features J. Robert Spencer, Ashley Williams, Tovah Feldshuh, and Natasha Lyonne.

Directed and Written by Robert McCaskill; Executive Produced by Alexander Lyras and J. Robert Spencer; Produced by Tai Burkholder, J. Robert Spencer, Antonio Saillant

Heterosexuals follows three couples as they navigate romance in the Big Apple while managing an ever-increasing series of personal hurdles. Rhonda and Nick are old friends who always share the details of their romantic disasters. A new one is born when they decide to cross that boundary with the promise of not falling in love with eachother. Akey and Elia just can’t seem to get dates with the opposite sex. But when Nick and Rhonda arrange a meeting, magical things unfold. Larry and Denny have been married ten years. Their love is deep. But when financial strains begin to crack their foundation they must fight to resist the temptations that offer each a relief from the pressure. Story-lines intersect in a comedic climax that will make anyone in a relationship squirm in their seat.



Antonio Saillant may not have produced the film, Wake in Fright, but the director of the film Ted Kotcheff happens to be his close personal friend and an ardent fan of Kotcheff's work. Check out this interview on Antonio Saillant and read about how he made a 40 year old film hit the box office again by the simple fact of The Art of Networking!

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Wake in Fright is one of a kind. It is one of only two movies to hold the “Cannes Classic” distinction. 40 years after its first showing it has garnered rapturous press and all parties concerned are extremely excited that it was back to New York and LA – in short it is rolling. This article about Wake in Fright and the men who created it, preserved it, and finally made it available to the public –even after a hiatus of 40 years.

How did Wake in Fright, which had not seen the light for forty years, surface?

Believed to be lost for many years, Wake In Fright was restored after an exhaustive decade-long search. The film’s editor, Anthony Buckley, was able to locate the last remaining print of Wake in Fright in a storage depot, scheduled for destruction in two weeks. It took considerable work to salvage the print and to restore the film so that it would run smoothly and cleanly. The materials were then restored frame-by-frame at Sydney’s AtLabDeluxe with the aid of the National Film and Sound Archives of Australia.

And how did Actor and Filmmaker Antonio Saillant, work with the restored version of the film and decide to screen it for Ted’s 80th birthday? Wake in Fright was not an immediate hit. It languished.

Enter Tony Timpone, editor emeritus of Fangoria and co-director of international programming of Fantasia Film Festival. He screened the film at his festival, and an audience began to build. In Germany they showed Wake in Fright to acclaim at the Oldenburg Film Festival, along with other Kotcheff films like Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? His later films included The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1973), Fun with Dick and Jane (1977), First Blood (1982) and Weekend at Bernie’s (1988).

Antonio says that this promotion created a domino effect. For more in-depth answers Click the link below to read article.

Wake in Fright Article

Wake in Fright | 40th Anniversary trailer (2012)


directed by: Ted Kotcheff - Darsteller / cast: Donald Pleasence , Gary Bond , Chips Rafferty
Theatrical Release: New York, October 5, 2012 at Film Forum; Los Angeles, October 19, 2012 Landmark NuArt Theatre; Nationally Oct/Nov 2012